Uffie at the Standard Miami Beach, March 9

Wednesday, March 9, 2011
The Standard, Miami Beach

Better Than: Not sure it was "better than" anything. Definitely reminded me of being on some kind of bender.

The Parisian-by-the-way-of-South-Florida singer Uffie really came out of nowhere in 2006, having lucked out by befriending the right producers (Mr. Oizo and Feadz) on the right label (Ed Banger). We should have known she'd be a flash-in-the-pan after failing to quickly capitalize on the early success of singles like "Pop the Glock" and "Hot Chick."

It would take four years for Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans, so far her only full-length album, to be released. In that time, she managed to squeeze in some touring, a few other singles, a quick marriage, and a child. You'd think she would have made some time to actually try to become a better singer and performer. Her reputation as a horrible live performer precedes her, and Wednesday's mini-show at the Standard didn't fail to meet that criteria.

It can only be described as frustratingly bad. Uffie seemed visibly "out of it." Whether she was intoxicated or otherwise I cannot confirm, but of the few hundred gathered on the hotel's boat deck, everyone seemed to have conflicting stories as to why the performance started almost an hour late. When it did get started, the short set consisted of five songs and it hardly seemed worth the wait.

Though, she isn't entirely to blame. The sound sucked. It was too low, lacking any audible oomph and bass. It also didn't help that there was really no stage. Performing at eye level only works for artists who can bring an insane amount of energy.

That being said, Crossfade would like to offer her some advice: Uffie, you're not Courtney Love. You have yet to earn the right to perform amazingly bad shows. Get your shit together and try again.

Critic's Notebook

Overhead in the Crowd: "That was it?"

Random Detail:
 The last time Uffie performed in Miami was WMC 2006.

Uffie's Setlist:
-"MCs Can Kiss"
-"Hong Kong Garden" (Siouxsie and the Banshees cover)
-"Pop the Glock"

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