Ritual Sacrifice at White Room Courtesy of Overthrow and Deathface

Nothing really shocks us anymore concerning Miami's night life scene. We've seen it all. Whether bathrooms that double as drug dens or strippers doubling as backup dancers, this city is a cornucopia of vice. Still, when Overthrow promised a live murder at this past Arcade party at White Room, we thought we had seen it all. Leader Alexis Mincolla has been killing clubgoers ever since the days of Black Sunday at Bella Rose, but Saturday night definitely went the extra mile.

With Satanic artifacts spread out on a table, a young girl was "killed" as Brooklyn DJ Deathface spun. Even Los Angeles party photographer Mark the Cobrasnake was there to document it all.

Like to see your Satanic rituals as a moving picture? Well there is a video too! Check it out after the jump.

If the thought of a live murder as piqued your interest, White Room's Arcade party goes on every Saturday. This week, Trouble & Bass' AC Slater goes head-to-head with hometown boy Craze for the Supa' Bowl party, and February 13 sees Fool's Gold Congorock taking over the decks.