The Heat Is On! A White Hot Mixtape to Help James, Wade, and Bosh Win Game Five

Alright, we didn't quite heat up the court on Tuesday night. Spirits are down, but the game was close. We just need a little collective faith and musical healing so that we can help our team actually win the Finals.

We've already heard all those incredible fan-made Miami Heat rally songs and chanted, "Fuck the Mavericks, bitch!," with "Udonis Haslem," O'Grime, and Metro Zu. But maybe we need to hear some more familiar tunes to get our spirits up. 

We wish there was a Top 40 love song for Dwyane Wade, maybe some sweet power pop for Chris Bosh, and perhaps even a ballad for LeBron. Since these songs don't exist, though, we put together our own little mix to cheer us up and get us back in a winning mindset.

The Heat will be victorious. Hell, the parade route's already planned and shit. It's gonna happen.

5. Glenn Frey's "The Heat Is On"

Former Eagle Glenn Frey's sax heavy "The Heat Is On" is incredibly corny, but this was the original rallying cry of our team. Played before each game at the Miami Arena, it's classic Heat.

4. Boogie Nights' "Feel the Heat"

Can't forget "Feel The Heat" from Boogie Nights, with the powerfully hot lyrics, "The heat will rock you, the heat will roll you/Come on, come on, come on, love me today, love me tomorrow/All day, all night, you feel my heat/Feel, feel, feel, feel feel my heat." This song isn't available on the internet anywhere, so this imitation will have to suffice.

3. Power Station's "Some Like It Hot"

Power Station's "Some Like It Hot" just sounds like growing up in Miami. It's as if they took car rides across the MacArthur with the windows down, wearing jellies, and neon pink headbands, and put the experience into those drums. "Feel the heat, pushing you to decide/Feel the heat, burning you up, ready or not."

2. Velvet Underground's "White Light/White Heat"

Taking a step away from the heavy '80s sound, the Velvet Underground's "White Light/White Heat" is the perfect song to play during halftime. Chill out, get another beer, eat some wings, and think about how sweet victory is going to taste.

1. Martha and the Vandellas' "(Love Is Like a) Heat Wave"

Martha and the Vandellas knew a thing or two about being hot. Look at those cuties! And "(Love is like a) Heat Wave" is certainly more about a steamy romance than basketball. But for many fans out there, their hearts are burning for a Heat win. And we will win. If in nothing else, have faith in Dwyane Wade.

Feel the Heat down in your soul. Feel it.