Local Music

Batuke Samba Funk at Bardot Thursday

Remember when people used the word "funk" to show their approval of something? Like, "hey man, that shit is the funk!" Sadly, it doesn't get tossed around like that anymore, having gone the way of the dinosaur, and other mostly out of date turns of phrase like "word" and "cool beans." Living up to the funk, both in terms of antiquated slang and musicology alike, Batuke Samba Funk. Who the hell knows what Batuke means? Though it's fun to say, what we're more concerned with is the Samba Funk.

Comprised of Brian Wolff on keyboard, Diogo Brown on bass and percussion, Goran Rista on drums and vocalist Robson Coccaro, BSF blends Brazilian rhythms with, you guessed it, funk, as well as touching on other genres like Latin jazz. The majority of the band's music is sung in Portuguese, but it hardly matters if you don't speak the language with that lush groove transporting you to Rio quicker than you can say...um, something in Portuguese.

Catch them this Thursday night at Bardot. Entrance is free.