My Deer Talks "Story" and "367 Ideas for Songs"

"I'm like Willy Wonka with his chocolate factory, always coming up with ideas," My Deer's Jo Viscaino says. "I just checked my phone and I have 367 recordings saved of ideas for songs."

To some completing 367 songs might seem an outlandish ambition, but as many a fortune cookie have declared, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Just such a step is what Viscaino and My Deer will be celebrating Saturday night with the release of their debut single "Story."

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Two years ago, Viscaino wrote "Story" when she was with another band, Sirens and Sealions. "I pitched it to them," she recalls. "But it wasn't the right fit. It was too jazzy."

She pulled the song out again when she began collaborating with guitarist Yannick J. Calleiro last January. Those sessions served as the foundation for My Deer.

It's a partnership Viscaino adores. She provides the lyrics and melody while Calleiro creates the music. Joining them to unveil "Story" at Railroad Blues this Saturday will be Rafael Sangiovanni on drums, Amanda Velasquez on keys, Gabriel Meza on bass, and CJ Rose on percussion. Though, you can expect Rose to take over the vocals and Viscaino to handle percussion from time to time.

It's true that Saturday night is about the release of the one single. But Viscaino promises their show will extend beyond the four-minute duration of "Story."

"There's a full 40-minute set planned. We have nine original songs. We cover Animal Collective. We also cover Arcade Fire and try to seamlessly make a melody from our song go into one of theirs."

The song of the night "Story" will go over big with fans of Tegan and Sara or Metric. It was inspired by a subject matter that made Viscaino's voice light up over the telephone when she spoke about it.

"It's about the out-of-body hallucinogenic experience that you have when freaking out about a romantic encounter. In the song, I sing, 'I know this is just/Just a story in my head.' You meet someone new and you take their business card and you make up a story about where the flirtation might go."

One song down for My Deer. And 366 left to go.

Get My Deer's "Story" for free, as part of Gummdrops 'N Downloads, presented by Macy's, a mixtape that also includes music from local acts Krisp, Hunters of the Alps, Bluejay, and Shanghai Meow.

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My Deer's "Story" Single Release. Saturday, December 20. Railroad Blues, 30 NE 14th St., Miami. Call 786-516-3393 or visit

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