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Drop the Lime Bringing His Troubled Bass to the Vagabond Friday

Drop the Lime looking a little pensive. Maybe wondering, "Where did the bass go?"
Brooklyn's Luca Venezia, AKA Drop the Lime, needs to move to Miami already. He always seems to be here. We love him for it, though. He brings the dirty, funky bass like no other.

To top it off, we are loving the "new" sound. "Sex Sax" combines equal parts jazzy hook and uneven electro groove, complete with cheesy wolf-whistling. Then comes "Hot As Hell," a track that's Elvis Presley meets acid house. Question: Where exactly is he planning to take us on this rockabilly ride? If his latest release, FabricLive.53, is any indication, all over the place and back.

But the only way to find out is this Friday's Vagabond show where he'll be spinning as part of his Hot As Hell tour. Tickets are $10 via, and you've got to be of drinking age for this one. Party starts at 10 p.m.