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Fresh From Jail, Gucci Mane Hits King of Diamonds to Watch Strippers Fistfight

Gucci Mane's got a way with the ladies.

On January 28, the rapper wanted a lil' breakfast. But before hitting the IHOP, he decided to cruise around in his Hummer and pick up a 36-year-old Atlanta resident at the South DeKalb Mall.

He offered to take the woman for some pancakes and she accepted. However, when Mr. Mane offered her $150 for a quick trip to the hotel, the female balked. So he shoved her out the passenger-side door.

The result: Gucci got a three-month jail sentence for violating his probation on a 2005 aggravated-assault conviction.

It was an ugly situation. But Mr. Mane was finally released from Fulton County Jail on Friday, promptly declaring his intention to party via Twitter: "I'm back bitch gucci back bitch did u miss me or miss my raps bitch..." And tonight, he's hitting up King of Diamonds to watch some strippers fistfight.

To KOD regulars, it's known as Monday Night Fight. For outsiders, though, it sounds a little strange, like the adult entertainment version of a trek to Thunderdome. Either way, here's a video illuminating the awesomeness of beautiful exotic dancers bashing one another for fun and money:

According to Making It Happen Entertainment's Utashi Wilson, Gucci will be showing up for a ringside seat at tonight's stripper bouts. And here's the official July 11 fight card:

Monday Night Fight

July 11 Fight Card

-Tocka vs. Brittany

-Big Meech vs. Mesha

-Kiki vs. Amelia

-Christine vs. Goddess

-Kiesha vs. Tine

Officially, Gucci isn't set to take the stage. But he's been tweeting all day: "I go hard on a bitch mane ... Miami we at KOD 2nite." So really, who knows what'll happen when he gets a couple of pancakes in his system?

Gucci Mane. Monday, July 11. King of Diamonds, 17800 NE Fifth Ave., North Miami. The party starts at 9 p.m. Call 305-999-9500.

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