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Chris Brown Reactivates Twitter Account, Smokes Weed with Rihanna

Breezy's back!

After about a week without degradation and demoralization at the rate of 140 characters or less per insult, Chris Brown has reactivated his Twitter account. And he's on the hunt for a new woman to textually batter.

Brown originally fled Twitter on November 25 after promising to "shit" on comedian Jenny Johnson's "retina" and "shart" in her mouth.

While the 24-year-old hothead hasn't tweeted anything since rejoining the social media site this past weekend, the YouTube Generation's very own Ike Turner was remarkably active on Instagram. In fact, Brown even posted a picture of him smoking weed with Rihanna.

Peep the photo after the cut.

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Dressed in what appears to be an oversized camouflage jumpsuit or body bag and sexy undergarments, Rihanna spent part of her Sunday lounging under a cloud of marijuana smoke while inexplicably rekindling her volatile relationship with Team Breezy's captain.

"What would music today sound like if these kids didn't exist?" Brown wrote under the picture.

Better. Artistic. Original.

Just kidding! We love pop music.

And we're totally cool with the former victim of a domestic attack doing drugs with the dude who gave her a shiner.


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