Kevin Hart's Booty and $100 Bottle Afterparty at King Of Diamonds This Sunday

Kevin Hart's got almost one million folllowers on Twitter and regularly says shit like, "Good Morning you long titty not knowing what 2 + 2 is crying down your back fat foot ass bitchhesss.............P.S I love Baby Jesus."

The funny man is doing four shows at The Fillmore for the South Beach Comedy Festival. But you can also catch the Scary Movie vet hosting In The Biz Sundays this week at King Of Diamonds.

Our sources confirm that Hart will not only crack a few jokes and mingle with the crowd. But he will also be bouncing quarters off strippers asses. Maybe even pennies, dimes, and nickels too.

We spoke to event promoters Jones Pierre of The Miami Group, and Lex of Lex Promotions about the show. Here's what we found out about the fattest ass at KOD, acrobatics, and celebrity table reservations.

Crossfade: Is this an exclusive performance?
Jones: It's not a performance. He's hosting. But this is the only afterparty to the comedy shows that he has going on this weekend.

What's a comedian do at a strip club?

Jones: Talk mess on the mic and hype people up to spend money and make it rain. It's all about the hype.

What can you say about the event?
Lex: Tickets are going fast. The buzz is out. The Heat are playing the Bulls that same day, and people from the Heat game and the dudes courtside already called and reserved their tables. This might be as big as the Rick Ross birthday bash.

Who's got reservations?

Lex: Definitely table reservations from the NBA players.

What's Hart gonna be doing up there?

Lex: He's going to be throwin' quarters all night. Some people make it rain with dollar bills. He said he's going to have a bag of quarters.

Damn, how much is he getting paid to be there, all he's gonna have is a bag of quarters?

Lex: I can't tell you how much he's getting.

What can you say about Sundays at the King Of Diamonds?

Lex: It's an amateur night. Girls compete for $500 cash. It's the biggest strip club in the world, as big as a Costco shopping center. We have over 150 ladies everywhere from Hispanic, black, Puerto Rican, Dominican, you name it. And then you have the poles about three stories high and the girls are going up and down. But it's more of an entertainment venue, the girls are just a bonus.

And what makes it In The Biz Sundays?

Lex: In The Biz Sundays means that it's all music executives, nightclub promoters, artists, sports figures. They come and hang out. In the nightlife business, we always working. But Sunday is like finally we get a night off to hang out amongst each other. Every Sunday, we're there.

Who all are some examples of people that party there Sundays?

Lex: Well, we did the Drake party. Trina has been out here. Trick Daddy, Sean Paul ... It's a lot.

Why does someone go to the strip club to see a comedian?

Lex: It's something different. Hart is the biggest comedian in the game.

His shows are sold out, and some people wanna see him and hang out. And because of the club itself. Because some go for the events and some go for the girls. King Of Diamonds isn't just a strip club. It has become known as a premier entertainment venue. What's surprising is that 60 percent of the consumers that pay to get in are girls.

Who got the fattest ass?

Lex: That's a tough one ... Miss Leeanne.

Who are some other notable dancers?

Lex: Well, we got Tip Drill, Moist ... It's really too many to say.

What special tricks do they do?

Lex: They hang upside down off the ceiling looking like a monkey. And I mean that in the most positive way you could say that. They're acrobats, not even dancers. But the private dances are one of a kind.

Kevin Hart Afterparty as part of In the Biz Sundays. Sunday, March 6. King of Diamonds, 17800 NE Fifth Ave., North Miami. Tickets cost $20. Call 305-999-9500 or visit

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