Miami Models Bare All in Derick G's Video Interpretation of Drake's "Light Up"

Miami-based photographer and videographer Derick G has been quite busy over the last year since Crossfade last caught up with him. He's been touring the world and the U.S. with all of your favorite hip-hop artists, while at the same time getting his brand name (and his unforgettable DG signature) out to the masses.

Derick G doesn't look like he's slowing down anytime soon. And just when you thought he was done with his bag of tricks, Derick surprised the internet world yesterday with a special project that he's been working on. He released his own visual rendition -- or music video, if you will -- of superstar Drake's "Light Up" song from his Thank Me Later album. The song also features a verse from Jay-Z, and its all portrayed with Derick G's vision in this unofficial music video (which you can see by pressing play above).

Derick combines visuals of New York City and Miami to create this dark and grim gray-scaled narrative tailored around "lights" contrasted against dark or near pitch-black backgrounds. The performance parts of Drake and Jay-Z were cleverly casted to be played by two girls, both which are models from Miami. Aisha Thalia took the lead role of re-enacting Drake's portion of the song. Deanna Pena (aka Miss Dade County) played the part of a Yankee-hat baring Jay-Z and really had his mannerisms perfected to the tee. And then as a surprise twist, Derick brings in model Miss Paris to sneak in and re-enact a verse that Lil' Wayne did over the phone from Rikers Island for the remix of "Light Up." That Lil' Wayne verse is not on the original version of the song, so Lil' Wayne fans can definitely appreciate the audio and now Derick G's visuals for it.

While this is by no means the official version of the music for "Light Up," the execution of the project was done perfectly. The sequence of shots and random cutaways to Champagne glasses, Rolexes and cash-money all make for a well put interpretation of the Thank Me Later song. This portrayal of "Light Up" is just another reason why Derick G is where he is as a photographer, videographer, and now director, always staying fresh with the moving climate of hip-hop media and involving himself with all the right talent.

Press play above to watch it.