Tonight: West Palm Beach's Lavola Shifting Dynamics at Propaganda

What does it say about scorching three-piece Lavola that within a month of their first live show they've booked gigs in Miami, Boca, West Palm, Palm Beach Gardens, Pompano, and Lake Worth? Not just that they are on their hustle, but that they kill it live, which you can find out for yourself tonight when they hit Propaganda in Lake Worth.

And, since it's always nice to impress a date by knowing the name of a song or two, we suggest you download this free MP3 of "The Philosopher's Daughter."

Warning: While the recording may have you thinking at times of Dinosaur Jr. or My Morning Jacket, since recording their EP, Lavola has grown. If you catch one of their shows (and you should), be prepared for something much, much bigger. You can read a profile of who they are, where they come from, and all about their monster live sound over at my blog, Bone in the Fan.

-- Bradford Schmidt

Doors open at 8 p.m. Propaganda, 6 S. J Street, Lake Worth. 561-547-7273; click here.