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Sir Michael Rocks Filmed "F&%k SeaWorld" Music Video at Miami Seaquarium

Still haven't watched Blackfish, the documentary shaming Orlando's SeaWorld as one of the cruelest keepers of orcas and other fishy friends?

Well, surely, all of your couch-activist friends have related how damning it is, that it will make you cry, and how you'll never want to go to an animal theme park ever again.

In fact, one of your anti-oceanarium pals might be former Cool Kids rapper Sir Michael Rocks. He just dropped a new video "Fuck SeaWorld" (filmed after sneaking into, um, the Miami Seaquarium), and he's got some choice words for all evil zoologists.

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All right, so, Miami Seaquarium is not SeaWorld. But Sir Michael Rocks, who's currently a part-time resident of the 305 and recently played a local show with homegrown star Robb Bank$, doesn't seem to care about the difference.

The video shows the MC stalking the halls of the Seaquarium, letting loose lines about how he's going green and crying over dead Final Fantasy characters. He proclaims himself to be a friend of the animals, chillin' with tropical birds, dolphins, orcas, flamingos, and fishies of all varieties.

The track is titled "Fuck SeaWorld," but it doesn't get too political until the end, when Rocks uncorks a string of insults at the amusement megapower, including dubiously calling the establishment a bunch of "fag fuckboys" who "sellin' the same fish that you had in the goddamn aquarium" at Long John Silver's.

He also claims SeaWorld leaves the whales to sleep in the same tanks they shit in before promising that the park and its ilk "can't live long as I'm out here."

We here at Crossfade have reached out to Sir Michael Rocks to see whether he knows that Miami Seaquarium isn't SeaWorld and what other plans he might have for saving the whales.

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