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NKOTB Concert in West Palm Beach is Canceled

Oh, this brings back memories of 1990, when New Kids tickets were impossible to get and the meanest girls in elementary school bragged when they could snag 'em. Tickets for NKOTB's 2009 comeback tour were easier to buy, and lawn tickets for their Cruzan Amphitheatre date were going for a promotional price of $10 at one point. But if you're a NKOTB super-fan and missed your chance to board the group's cruise that recently left for South Florida, well, unfortunately you are S.O.L.

"Unforeseen production delays," according to Live Nation reps, have forced date and venue changes on the tour, and the the Tampa date, scheduled for May 30, as well as the West Palm date, originally scheduled for May 31, are both straight-up canceled. Refunds are available at point of purchase.

BTW, the Birmingham, Alabama show and two North Carolina dates were canceled too. Wonder if "production delay" is really a euphemism for something else? Super-fans, where are you to set the record straight?