Nuri on the SoFla Rap Scene: "I'm Fortunate to Work With All These Talented Dudes"

In this social media-driven age, it isn't rare for a producer's face to be all over your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram feed as tracks flow out by the dozens every day, feeding that need for the epic drop. But not Miami's Nuri.

Aside from his profile picture on Twitter, the producer's face is rarely seen. The epic drop? There is none. But that hasn't stopped rappers from seeking his ear when their mixtapes need that much needed "trap" track. And with the amount of attention that his work has garnered over the last year, one would think a question about being such a sought-out producer would garner a response expressing some triumph. But it didn't.

"It feels good I guess," he says. "I'm glad everybody fucks with me. I'm fortunate to work with all these talented dudes, and it feels good."

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