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Ben UFO on Dubstep: "Now It's a Huge Global Movement, I No Longer Feel a Part of It"

Circa 2007, an obscure underground UK sound called dubstep erupted like a volcano. And it left behind a crater flooded with the molten elements of bass music that have since solidified into post-dubstep or future bass.

These aren't so much distinct genres of music, as a generation of producers with a shared penchant for sub-bass and broken beats -- and more importantly, a reverence for the roots of bass, from dub to jungle, drum 'n' bass, UK garage, and beyond.

One of the labels at the helm of this movement is Hessle Audio, the brainchild of DJ-producers Ben Thompson (AKA Ben UFO), Kevin McAuley (AKA Pangaea), and David Kennedy (AKA Pearson Sound and Ramadanman).

Chatting with Thompson ahead of his debut Miami performance with Joy Orbison at Cafeina this Saturday, we here at Crossfade got a first-hand account of the scene that shaped this collective.

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