Rachel Goodrich Performs at Churchill's Open Mic

So, Monday night was amazingly cold. There was a lunar eclipse. I needed to get out of my cave. And I got a ride to Churchill's from my Nigerian female friend because I had heard that Rachel Goodrich was going to be performing at the open mic.

Soon, I was walking into the Pub and somebody grabbed my arm. It was Rachel. She was drinking a cup of Wild Turkey at the outside bar and she said, "I love your Lebron CD!" My heart stopped as I gasped for air. Did Rachel Goodrich just say what I think she said?

She continued, "I love the drawing too." I told her that I have about 290 songs that will probably come out on some sort of Roofless Records box set in March of 2011, and that I will serenade her when I get onstage.

Dear reader, please let me vent for a minute: I like to lay in my bed and stare at the ceiling until I hear a new song in my head. Then I sit up and turn some knobs on my eight track and record another song. This goes on and on for days. The President now has over 300 songs stored on his Boss BR-1180 portable digital recording studio! Poor Matt Preira of Roofless Records has asked me to stop giving him CD-Rs filled with new songs. The President is persistent. The President wants to win.

The President spent last Saturday at a local sports bar and grill, watching five football games simultaneously. I love Michael Vick. I dont give a fuck about his past as a dog executioner, he paid his dues to society and he is a bad motherfucking quarterback. The Dolphins suck ass. The Baltimore Ravens are like a team of giant ballet dancers. The Miami Heat need to get in that zone, where it all seems choreographed ... So where was I?

Oh yeah ... I got on the stage and played the Rachel Goodrich song, but she was not in the crowd. I looked over at the bar to see if maybe she was still nursing that cup of Wild Turkey, but it was so cold on that stage. Not really...However, in the crowd, there were a bunch of people that I did not know, some of whom were singing along to all of my songs.

"I will not die with my music inside me!" That thought passed through my brain as I winked at Benjamin Shahoulian, who hosts open mic every Monday night at Churchill's. After the set, a young man told me that he had seen The President open for Lightning Bolt and that it was awesome! I thanked him and his friends and looked up to the red moon above and thanked it too. Thank you!!!

Then Rachel hit the stage for a quiet non-amplified performance. (See above video.) She made the standing-room-only crowd feel like we were all at her house, and she was sharing her soul and whiskey with us.

Rachel Goodrich is on her way to the cover of Rolling Stone, whether she likes it or not. Bleidat!

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