Wish You Were There: Video of the NeckFace Opening and Afterparty on Halloween

If you missed it, and it's your kind of thing, you missed out: NeckFace's Devil's Disciple opening at O.H.W.O.W. was one of the best parties on Halloween. And Busy P's set at the afterparty at Poplife didn't disappoint, either. As much as we wanted to hate on it and find the track selection stuck in 2006, Pedro Winter has updated his style and can definitely still get a crowd moving. (Click for our slideshows of the opening and the afterparty at Poplife at Electric Pickle.)

The confluence of everything hipster-ish at both segments of the evening was a little mind-boggling -- ironic costumes, a bustling skateboard ramp, street art, free beer, and so on. But it was a good time, and, if you didn't make it inside, it was documented all over the Internets.

Here's a before-it-happened video, of NeckFace painting the outside of the haunted house he designed for the opening only. It's from YouTube user meetlouiz.

Here's another quick video he uploaded, showing somebody from M.I.A. (not sure if that's the skate shop or the park, or both) carving on the ramp to test it out before the show.

Now for videos of the exhibition in action. YouTube user dabrazillionaire took this snippet inside the film room -- which I'm sure violates some kind of copyright law, but anyways, check it out:

And here's another video snippet from dabrazillionaire. This one shows some of the paintings, and the big coffin-pile installation, in O.H.W.O.W.'s front room.

The best O.H.W.O.W. video so far, though, comes from Dana Lauren Goldstein on Vimeo. She managed to tape the inside of the haunted house. It seemed scary at the time, but I'm realizing after watching the video that it was probably because of the beer....

And finally, here's a video from YouTube of Busy P's set at the afterparty.YouTube user dgolds20 caught the very beginning, when he dropped a remix of MGMT's "Electric Feel."