Ultra Music Festival

Underworld at Ultra Music Festival 2011 Day Two, March 26

"Drive boy, dog boy/Dirty numb angel boy ... She was a lipstick boy/She was a beautiful boy."

So says Underworld's 1995 hit "Born Slippy." The song launched the duo to massive fame after landing on the soundtrack for the classic cult film Trainspotting. And ever since, Karl Hyde and Rick Smith's ambient progressive sounds have been making waves in the electro realm.

Really, though, Underworld has been rocking the dance world for 27 years now. Or at least 15, if you prefer to mark the band's beginning with the release of its debut sinlge "Mother Earth/The Hump." The group's undergone many permutations and the roster has fluctuated frequently.

But founders Rick Smith and Karl Hyde remain constant. The tag team just dropped its eighth studio record last year with Barking Out Now. And last night, Smith and Hyde killed it at Ultra.

Ideally, I'd give you details, set highlights, etc. But the fact is, it was the kind of show you get swept up in. You don't take notes. Plus ... I might've been a little fucked up by 10 p.m. last night.

But I still had enough wits about me to soak in Underworld's waves of awesome ambient noise and ride the good feelings into some kind of beautiful nirvana.

And the mob of a few thousand seemed to be headed for the very same place.

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