MP3 of the Day: Panic Bomber Discipline EP Remixes

Last week, we raved about Panic Bomber's latest effort, Discipline, calling it his best work to date. If you haven't heard it, do it so now. After that, thank Richard Haig and YYZ Records who have made the Discipline EP Remixes a free download.

None of the reworkings match the catchy quirkiness of the original tracks "Discipline" and "Perfection and Grace," but they are all great efforts. Awesome New Republic's take on "Perfection and Grace" turns the track into a sexy time-to-make-love-to-your-girlfriend ballad with a funky bassline.

Other remixers include Dub Jay, Patrick Hart, Jeremy Glenn, Wake, and Total Fucking Pizza Party (which, by the way, is the best name ever).

MP3: Panic Bomber Discipline EP Remixes