ArtOfficial's AO Logics Talks Jam Sessions, Real Fiascos, and Vitamins & Minerals

Open up and say "Ahh!"

We know you've got a fever, but the cure isn't more cowbell. Local crew ArtOfficial knows how to get you right and it comes over the counter. All you need is your Vitamins & Minerals, the latest dose of sumptuous jazz fused with hard-nosed hip-hop from this SoFla fave.

Recently, Crossfade had the chance to chat with one-half of ArtOfficial's lyrical attack, AO Logics. We talked about jam sessions, real fiascos, the new album, and next week's big record release shindig.

Crossfade: Vitamins & Minerals drops this week. What can you tell us about the latest ArtOfficial record?

Ao Logics: Hands down, it's our best record yet. We're a lot more comfortable in the studio than we were before and I think you can hear that. We didn't place any limits on ourselves for this record. We wanted live strings, so we got a 15-piece string orchestra. We wanted a marching band, so we assembled one. This is our greatest effort to date and we can't wait to share it.

How have you guys evolved from record to record? And in what ways do you make sure to stay the same?

From our first record to Vitamins & Minerals has been a crazy journey. I think we've matured as songwriters and also as producers. We've learned that it's important to collaborate with other artists who can help you reach that sound you're looking for. This is the first record we've made that incorporates so many different artists. We went from coloring with six crayons to using that big-ass box with five types of blue. We'll always keep growing and moving forward. But we'll never lose that urge to connect with people and bring them some real quality music. I think that will always stay the same.

Last year, you guys gave away free downloads of Fist Fights and Foot Races. How important is it to you guys to give your fans new opportunities to enjoy ArtOfficial?

It's extremely important. If you want to stay relevant, it's a must to always be out there releasing songs or videos, or performing. We try to keep that balance of putting out content consistently and making sure it's quality at the same time. It's a non-stop job.

You just released the AO Jam Sessions, first "Three Four," and most recently "Rooftop." Tell us about about that project.

We put those videos together, with help from our homies Carlos De Varona and Jorge Fernandez, to let people get up close and personal with us. They're just little intimate sessions for the fans to enjoy, and for people who have never seen us live to get an idea of what we do. They're also a good way to let our listeners preview some of the new tracks on the album.

You'll be celebrating the record release on November 4 at The Stage, along with special musical guests and an opportunity for fans to pay an extra $5 to get an advance copy of the new album. Seems like, as usual, you guys are doing it big.

It's the biggest show we've ever put on. We're performing the whole album with the people who helped us record it, so there will be many special guests. It should be a real memorable show -- a real fiasco. It'll be something that you brag to your friends about. And if you've been to our other release parties, you know we like to give away free stuff, so those $5 will go a long way.

ArtOfficial's Vitamins & Minearals release party. Friday, November 4. The Stage, 170 NE 38th St., Miami. Doors open at 9 p.m. and cover costs $5, or $10 for an advance copy of the new album. Call 305-576-9577 or visit

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