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The Juan MacLean Drops a DJ Set at Bardot Tonight

If DFA has taught us anything, it's that if you combine nu-disco beats with a dash of house and a bit of punk attitude, you have an instantly winning combination.

Sure, label head James Murphy (under his LCD Soundsystem moniker) has made an entire career out of it. But here's a little secret: The Juan MacLean does it better.

We don't mean to pit them against each other. But it's obvious that while Murphy lacks a bit of self-editing, MacLean knows exactly the right time to leave you wanting more.

Case in point: LCD Soundsystem's Fillmore show earlier this year. While it was musically sound, the songs tended to drag a bit. Even Murphy himself admitted a few months later during the MOCA Los Angeles show at the Raleigh that he realized his songs went on too long.

However, when the Juan MacLean played at LIV last year, he had several things working against him. Mainly, he was performing for a crowd that was more about bottle service than whatever was happening on stage. And yet, it didn't seem to deter him or his band. Sure, he took his time to build up momentum. But in the end, the pace seemed totally natural.

So yes, in our eyes, MacLean does it better. Decide for yourself tonight when he'll be at Bardot. It's a DJ set, not a live performance. But past appearances at the Vagabond have shown him to be more than adept behind the turntables.

The Juan MacLean DJ set with Panic Bomber and Pirate Stereo. Bardot, 3456 N Miami Ave., Miami. Cover costs $10. Ages 21 and up. Call 305-588-8981 or visit

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