Adele's Middle-Finger Fiasco and the Top Five Pop Star "F#%& You" Flip Offs

Big ups to British siren Adele for keeping it seriously real at last night's Brit Awards.

The "Rolling In The Deep" singer was in the process of accepting the award for Album of the Year when, seconds into her speech, actor and Brit presenter James Corden interrupted her to introduce a live performance from Blur.

Adele's response? She gave Corden the middle-finger on live television. Her response to the critics? "They cut me off, sorry if I offended anyone but the suits offended me."

Who knew Adele was such a badass? We always assumed homegirl was straight crumpets. But now in her vulgar honor, we've assembled our top five pop star "Fuck You" flip offs.

5. M.I.A. Flips Off The Super Bowl

Electro-pop-MC M.I.A. may have very well inspired Adele's protest with her own bird flip at the Super Bowl Halftime Show two weeks prior. Sure, Madonna was pissed. But she's just jealous she didn't think to make a lewd gesture herself. If you ask us, this was the best Halftime Show "malfunction" since Justin Timberlake "accidentally" unsheathed Janet Jackson's titty.

4. Eminem Flips Off The Grammys

Slim Shady performed psychologically brooding "Stan" -- one of numerous hit singles from 2000s The Marshall Mathers LP -- with Elton John to prove that he didn't hate gay people. Then he double-fist flipped off the entire Grammy audience to make it clear that he just hates everybody. Skip to the end of the video for Em and Sir Elton's awkward hug (no homo) and the rapper's middle-finger finale.

3. Justin Bieber Flips Off The Paparazzi

The Biebz is developing quite the reputation for lewd gestures, having nonverbally articulated "go fuck yourself" at least twice in 2011. Last march, the teen-pop phenom lost his cool while a birthday date with girlfriend Selena Gomez, and then lost it again when paparazzo busted him cold chillin' with some shawty who is not Selena Gomez. You'd be pissed too if cameramen were constantly harshing your mack.

2. Bruce Springsteen Shoves His Weiner In A Camera Man's Face

Getting one's face bashed by The Boss's crotch is actually the opposite of getting flipped off. In a sea of so much hate, we thought we should balance things out with a reason to live. Crossfade cannot wait until television is a fully immersive, tactile experience that enables us to experience the mighty fury of being beaten by Bruce Springsteen's pelvis.

1. Johnny Cash Flips Off The World

The most immortal flip-off of all time, this iconic image from Johnny Cash's 1970 performance at San Quentin is not only our favorite musical middle finger: it was without a question one of the most vigorously rock n' roll images of all time.

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