Space Between Words' And We All Follow the Sun

To close out the year, Crossfade is picking out its favorite albums by 305 artists. Read the full list of Miami's Best Albums of 2010 here.

Space Between Words
And We All Follow the Sun
(Space Between Words, Magnetron Publishing LLC, SESAC)

Space Between Words like to play with celestial themes. And that inclination couldn't have come more naturally. Listening to the band's debut record, you understand immediately that these guys are playing from somewhere else, somewhere out in the ether.

Space Between Words is a young band that's only been playing together for about a year. But members Steven, Rob, Cubed, and Verdi are lifelong friends. And it shows in the harmony achieved between very distinct, varied tastes and influences -- rockabilly meets Southern rock, vintage '70s garage, and good old alternative.

Meanwhile, the band's poignant lyrics make for meaningful tunes, not just pretty noise. Tracks like "Crazy As a Fox" and "Overcomplicated Mind" focus the glare of Space Between Words' social commentary on modern society's preoccupations, while "Sweet Mary" takes a look at the dark subject of child sex slavery.

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