Miami's Baez Talks New EP, A Fool's Circus: "My Biggest Breakthrough Yet"

Back in 2013, Jason Baez was New Times' pick for Miami's Best DJ on the strength of his powers as a selector. By all accounts, he was one of the most popular and in-demand on the local underground house and techno scene.

But while he already had a couple of budding original releases under his belt by then, 2015 might be the year when Baez truly comes into his own as a producer, especially if A Fool's Circus, his new EP on Bimini Records, is anything to go by.

With hypnotic slow-burning melodic arrangements harking back to late-'90s progressive house but decidedly still in vogue with today's international deep techno Zeitgeist, the record marks a definite maturation in Baez's studio production sound.

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