Lauryn Hill at the University of Miami Homecoming, November 5

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Ms. Lauryn Hill

November 5, 2010

The University of Miami

She's a legend and you should call her Ms. Lauryn Hill. Really ... That's her official artist name now.

Anyway, after more than a decade away from the game, Hill has spent the last year on the road performing one-off solo sets -- not to mention a string of dates with the Rock the Bells festival.

And here's the thing: She's not the same. Her voice isn't the same. The hits aren't the same. But Ms. Lauryn Hill isn't washed up. You just need to readjust your ears 'cause she's on some spacey, sci-fi future funk shit.

What we said:

Starting with an almost eight-minute version of "Lost Ones," Hill and her full band (two drummers in dress clothes, twin guitarists and keyboarders, a DJ, Rasta bassist, three back-up singers, and a Korg geek) twisted the Miseducation cut into a sped-up, sci-fi future funk sprint. The burning neo-soul of the original was still there somewhere, just accelerated and buried under spikes of synthy noise, spazzed-out drum fills, and snaking riffs.

It would be insane to claim that this version was better than the 1998 studio track. (How do you upgrade that kind of purity?) But it was fascinating. And it definitely seemed to say: If Ms. Lauryn Hill ever bothers to schedule studio time, cut a dozen new songs, and drop another full album, you can bet your entire fucking life on the fact that it will be a whole new world and not a second trip to some last-millenium Zion.

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