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Diddy Punches Drake at LIV Miami

No bottles thrown. Just a punch.

Last night on Miami Beach, the world's most sensitive rapper got cold-cocked by the mogul with the softest name in the game.

Hanging at LIV Miami for DJ Khaled's The Temple birthday bash during Basel week, Drake and Puff Daddy became embroiled in a dispute that ended with the words "you will not disrespect me" and a knuckle sandwich.

It was like a hip-hop celebrity edition of the Knockout Game.

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The early word was Puff wanted to give Drake the fade for hitting on his girlfriend.

But as witness and Maybach Music affiliate Sam Sneak tweeted: "It definitely wasn't bout Cassie."

Unlike his infamous bottle-throwing brawl with Chris Brown over Rihanna, Drizzy getting Diddy's fist to the face apparently wasn't a matter of booty rights. It was a matter of song rights.

According to bystanders, the argument was all about the Benjamins. It seems Puff and Drake were beefing over the potential and ongoing profits from some unnamed piece of musical property.

Another apparently inaccurate rumor... The fight didn't go down in LIV's VIP. The argument started outside the club. Words were tossed. Then blows.

Oh, and after the scuffle, Drake just fled the club. He didn't end up in the ICU.

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