Halloween Weekend: Gatsby Gone Goth, Masquerade Motel, Steve Aoki, and More

Somewhere right now, a Halloween moon is still rising. And evil clowns, half-naked ladies, and psychopathic serial killers are raging through their 60th hour of candy- and cocaine-fueled mayhem in a (literally) underground club.

But if you, like us, belong to the lame-ass workaday class, then you're already at the office, staring at a too-bright computer screen, and wishing it were still Sunday.

Unfortunately, though, time travel is impossible. So the only thing Crossfade can offer you is a cheap nostalgia trip powered by the 19th-century art of photography.

See the cut for pics from the Halloween weekend.

No surprise, right? More than anything, we spent the last four days lecherously eyeing pretty women in provocative costumes. There were dead nurses, mummified strippers, postmortem Marilyn Monroes, etc. But some, like these two ladies at Louis, we couldn't quite figure out. Check out the full Keys 'N' Krates slideshow.

It's not like we didn't try to keep it classy, though. On Saturday, we thugged out in a Roaring-Twenties-meets-the-Banshees way with Gatsby Gone Goth and its flappers, jazz-era junkies, and even some Day-of-the-Dead cuties. Check out the full Gatsby Gone Goth slideshow.

Meanwhile, Masquerade Motel filled its Midtown tent full of kids in costumes, random clubbers, and aged ravers. Our Crossfade correspondant Jose D. Duran reported back with tales of "huge projections, pyrotechnics, cannons, and cryogenics." Think he's lying? Well, we got photographic proof. Check out the full Masquerade Motel slideshow.

Maybe you partied at the Pickle for Hollerween (or read the review) and you already know that just after midnight "Afrobeta ... crept out of the shadows and revealed themselves: Tony (and his electroshock hair) done up as Beetlejuice, and Cuci in a blood-red wedding dress as his ill-gotten bride, Lydia." If not, though, peep the pics. Check out the full Hollerween slideshow.

What the hell do you do when it's October 31, you're popping a bottle at Cameo, and your ringleader isn't even in costume? You put on your best Freddy, freak, pimp, ho, gay pirate, cowboy-on-ecstasy, or pervy doctor face. And then you proceed to compensate for Steve Aoki's normalness with a level of unbridled excitement befitting a werewolf on boner drugs. Check out the full Aoki slideshow.

Elsewhere on the Beach, namely Kill Your Idol, the Halloween happenings to an awesomely occult turn. Hipster dudes grew horns, learned a couple magick tricks, and conjured up cool, cute chicks with a healthy contempt for Christianity. It was kinda like meeting Madonna before she became your mom. Check out the full Black Division slideshow.

Keep posted for more Halloween weekend pics. We'll be bored and bringing you another bunch. Guaranteed.