Local Music

Suenalo, Live at Jazid Tonight

Am I the only one shocked to find that January 2010 is already spent? Damn! It's certainly not the first time I find myself assaulted by a sudden passage of time. Still, this time I was sober. At least for the better part of it. Anywho, one group for whom the passage of time has been auspicious: Suenalo.

One of Miami's hottest local bands in recent years, already famous for their fusion of rumba with hip hop, son with funk, and cumbia with Latin jazz with baby-makin' descarga (their description, not mine), recorded a live album last year at a killer party at Transit Lounge, and it dropped over the holidays. If you haven't grabbed it yet, you need to get on that. And if you want to get in on the live baby-makin', well then by all means head on over to Jazid tonight. Here's a little vid from a previous performance at the Washington Ave. institution to whet your appetite. You can't see shit, but the vibe's definitely there. And besides, with Jazid's drink specials, you won't be seeing shit after long either.