Space Between Words Releases New Album at Titanic Brewery Tonight

When you think about it, Space Between Words is a project that's been decades in the making. And their CD release party tonight at Titanic Brewery is a milestone in a lifelong journey.

The bandmates are high school friends from all over the globe: vocalist Steve was born in Germany; guitarist Verdi is a Panamanian whose parents actually decided to move to SoFla after visiting Disney; and Cubed and Rob are Cuban-Americans. At first, they all found one another through after school music activities.

Still, it wasn't until much later, in 2009, when Steve returned from his work for AP in Rome and Milan to visit his ailing mother, that the seeds for Space Between Words were sown.

"As I look back, it feels fated that we would start Space Between Words," says Steve.

The remaining three had been working on music together, and needed a singer and guitarist/keyboard player. So during Steve's visit, they scheduled a handful of very successful shows together.

"Right before my flight back to Italy," recalls Steve, "I faced a dilemma: return to my career abroad or chase my dream. With my friends egging me on to do the less
responsible thing, at the last minute, I decided not to take my flight back and stay here to create Space Between Words with my best friends."

And so was born their unique rockabilly-hybrid sound, which Steve describes, "If Weezer's Pinkerton and The Pixes' Doolittle made passionate love on a hot night in a dingy motel with a broken air-conditioner, that would be Space Between Words."

Fast-forward to today and the band's release of And We All Follow the Sun looms only hours away. "The concept is about how everyone falls in line," explains Steve. "Because we all follow the sun. Whatever our leader, media, teacher, priest, and trendsetters tell us to do is the word of a prophet. The sun represents these things keeping us in its gravitational pull."

And the party tomorrow night at Titanic Brewery promises to be epic, featuring a performance by Space Between Words, as well as Telekinetic Walrus and the Pride of Ions, and Radioboxer. "This is a celebration," says Steve, "the culmination of months of intensive work. And we want to let the music loose with a bang."

Space Between Words with Radioboxer and Telekinetic Walrus and the Pride of Ions. Friday, October, 15. Titanic Brewery, 5813 Ponce De Leon Blvd., Coral Gables. There's no cover. Call 305-668-1742 or visit