Local Music

Xperimento, This and Every Wednesday at Jazid

If you missed them last week, here's a little heads up fo' yo' ass (not a head up yo' ass...like that guy in front of you on your way to work this morning on his cell phone, giving you an even worst case of Moooooondays than you had to begin with). Xperimento have landed themselves a weekly slot at Jazid, every Wednesday through the end of the year. It's well deserved; they've earned it. But you, the Hump Day alcoholics, stand to gain the most from this development. I mean, it'll still cost you money to buy drinks, but you'll be richer in enjoyment.

Like the Wu Tang Clan, Xperimento's groove ain't nothing to fuck with (saw how far back I reached for that one?). Their unique take on reggae blends funk and Latin influences, kind of like LPJ does. Which isn't shocking, as they have some key members in common. But these guys have a certain psychedelic element that's altogether new, and plays nicely with the other kids in the mix. Kind of experimental...get it? But don't take my word for it--I am, after all, full of crap at least half the time. Go check them out at Jazid for yourself. Your ears will thank you. Your liver, however, will still be pissed.

Xperimento performs live at Jazid this and every Wednesday until the end of the year. Cover is zero-daddy-dollaz, to make you holla.