Brooke Hogan Prepares for Redemption With Video For New Single, "Falling"

Blogs, pop culture talking heads, and seemingly almost everybody else have crapped on Brooke Hogan since the release of her debut album, Undiscovered, in 2006. By now, though, you've got to admire the girl's resilience. As someone raised on punk rock, I never thought I'd defend a pop music/reality starlet. But Hogan's pretty impressively endured the national, public break-up of her family, not to mention constant criticism of her talent, looks, and even weight. Considering she was a young teenager at the start of her public-eye trajectory, it's highly doubtful that all those early career decisions (especially the one to go on reality TV in the first place), were completely hers.

And still, she seems to blithely bounce back from it all, still heading forward with a truly blonde, cheerful aplomb. Her new forthcoming album is called The Redemption. Sure, that's a lofty title for lightweight pop. But even the most hard-hearted among us have got to admire a young girl who's been picked apart by thousands of Internet trolls, and has chosen not to sink permanently into a hole in the ground. Here's a video for a new single, "Falling," which features Sobe Entertainment labelmate/occasional Brooke Knows Best character Stack$.