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Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Go Hairless, Allegedly Prep Unicorn Sex Tape Sequel

Kim Kardashian's pubic preference is no secret. If you've watched her home movies with ex-boyfriend Ray J, you're fully aware that the middle Kardashian sister likes to keep things virtually hairless.

However, it wasn't until earlier today that Kim's preferred method of personal grooming was brought to light.

According to TMZ, she and rapper boyfriend Kanye West were spotted at a Los Angeles-area hair-removal clinic yesterday, sparking rumors that two may soon be appearing in a new Al Qaeda-produced sex tape with a unicorn.

Yesterday, New Times' culture blog, Cultist, reported that a lawsuit had been filed against Kardashian alleging that she, ex-husband Kris Humphries, and his current girlfriend held the plaintiff at gunpoint and forced him to watch the three have sex with one another as "sheep, two goats, and a unicorn" watched on.

Another lawsuit alleges that Kardashian's an Al Qaeda operative who trains alongside her mom Kris Jenner, stepdad Bruce Jenner, sisters Khloe and Kourtney, and Kayne West at terrorist camp site in the West Virginian mountainside.

While both suits seem far-fetched, one can never be sure. After all, Kardashian has surprised us in the past. And so has Yeezy.

If you recall, Kim punk'd the world into thinking she was in love with a mediocre NBA player before dating Kanye West. And 'Ye's been known to punk folks too.

He once went on the Today show to talk about the Taylor Swift incident and rebrand as a nice guy before losing his shit on Matt Lauer.

Furthermore, West's last solo album was called My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. And really, who's to say that Fantasy doesn't involve a three-way with his hairless girlfriend and a mythological flying horse?

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