Beefcakes, Boy Butts, and Bow Ties at the Johnny's Miami Grand Opening

The NE 14th Street strip has been hipster territory for years. But wait, here come the gays!

That's right. And when we here at Crossfade heard that Johnny's Miami, a Dade County outpost of the infamous Fort Lauderdale gay bar and nightclub, was all set to bring beefcakes, boy butts, and bow ties to the space formerly occupied by Urbanite Bistro, we kinda wondered: Will there be PBR? But then we switched gears, got superexcited, and started stockpiling dollar bills for the go-go boys.

Last night, Johnny's Miami finally flung its doors wide open. Crossfade was there, handing out tips and snapping pics. See the cut for a sneak peek.

Check out the full 30-photo Johnny's Miami Grand Opening slideshow.

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