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Weezy Wire: Robert Christgau Owns Some 165 Lil Wayne Tracks

Wednesday is like the pre-Dr. Virgil Mongalo teeth day of the week over here at Crossfade (the sad news of Corey Haim's death is not helping). So, special thanks to sister blog Sound of the City for pointing our cranky mouse hand to Dean of American Rock Critics Robert Christgau's lengthy and informative essay, "The Triumph of the Id," regarding Lil Wayne over at Barnes & Noble's review site. There is much to consider within, but we planted ourselves here for a while:

In my iTunes folder subsist some 165 Lil Wayne songs, all of which went public after 2005's Tha Carter II, a farewell from Wayne the gangsta that launched Wayne the stoned free associater. Several times recently I've played these songs five or six hours straight without once fast-forwarding. Mostly the music percolated in the background as Wayne chuckled, chortled, croaked, cackled, heckled, jeckled, sidled, slurred, Auto-Tuned, and even enunciated over beats of varying irresistibility and originality.
Could we get a quick tally from the crowd? Who has more than 165 tracks? We know you're out there. Admittedly, we have fewer than that, but still succumb to the multi-hour listening binges that usually result in us shouting: "That's right, Mr. Al Sharpton!"