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Contest: BankAtlantic Center Can Facilitate Your Justin Bieber Connection

We are not total corporate shills, but this might be a good way to see a lot of mid-to-high-priced shows coming up in South Florida.

The BankAtlantic Center is running a sweepstakes giving away ATM, which unfortunately does not stand for your own Automated Teller Machine. Rather BAC's clever acronym department has come up with the Access to Music promotion, which requires action on your part by April 6.

From the press


One lucky Grand Prize winner will receive

two ADT Club tickets to five

summer concerts held from April through September, 2010 at the

BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, Florida. The Grand Prize winner


also win a backstage tour to each of the five concerts and a

meet-and-greet with one mutually agreed upon performing artist. In

addition, BankAtlantic's ATM "Access to Music" Sweepstakes Grand


winner will receive a special gift bag of tour merchandise for

each of

the five concerts at the BankAtlantic Center.


taking a quick glance at the BAC

schedule Justin Bieber, Bon Jovi, Carole King/James Taylor, and,

oof, Jeff Dunham are the only shows booked between April and September

as of right now. Lady GaGa still has a few holes in her upcoming

schedule, nudge. Who else should BAC bring to South Florida this summer?