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The Best (and Worst) of the VMAs -- with Some Miami Touches

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Chelsea Handler as a Lady Gaga-esque house
We were expecting quite the spectacle at this year's MTV Video Music Awards. In lieu of last year's Taylor Swift acceptance speech interruption, Kanye's apologetic tweets, and her tweets suggesting she was going to interrupt him this year, we thought there would be some kind of drama. We waited for crazy costume-like outfits, drunk musicians, and flat-out belligerence. Needless to say, we were left a little disappointed.

Sure, there were some funny outfits, like Ke$ha finally fashioning a dress out of garbage bags, Chelsea Handler mocking Lady Gaga by wearing an extravagant dress with a house on her head, and Lady Gaga trying to outdo herself by wearing feather arrows on her head, then black spears, then an outfit made entirely of meat. But we weren't that interested in the fashion, anyway.

As South Floridians, we tend to complain a bit when we don't see enough Miami flavor in awards shows. Luckily, that wasn't the case on last night's VMAs. We caught some Miami residents, natives, and even art work we'd be proud to call our own. Check them out after the jump.

Photo by Picture Group
Rick Ross gives Chelsea Handler a ride
The 305 love started when the evening's host, Chelsea Handler, heard the

sound of a loud scooter/motorcycle, and insisted her "chocolate

thunder" had arrived to give her a ride. Rick Ross drove through and

Handler proceeded to straddle him and they rode away.

Handler's fun with Miami natives didn't stop there, though, as she continued to pick on each "best new artist" nominee, slowly moving her way toward Jason Derülo, making fun of his music's auto-tuning tendencies by auto-tuning herself.

Now we don't usually like to classify Jersey Shore castmates as "Miami residents," but well, technically they were. They made several appearances throughout the broadcast in typical Jersey Shore fashion, but what made us smirk were their hot tub's seemingly magical powers. Handler jumped in with the gang, and came out nine months pregnant?

Our favorite Miami touch had to be Pharrell's performance of "Hot-n-Fun" with Ciara, below. It wasn't the actual performance of the South Florida resident that put us over the top, but the background video with animated artwork from local art collective FriendsWithYou. Aren't those smiling and bouncing rainbows adorable? Keep a look out for their Rainbow City inflatable sculptures, too.

In case you're planning on seeing Drake live when he comes to South Florida next week and want a preview, check out his performance of "Fancy" with Mary J. Blige and Swizz Beatz below.

If you missed it, Taylor Swift did lash out, sort of. She pretended to be the bigger person by singing a song she obviously wrote about about Kanye West, titled "Innocent." Watch it below.

Kanye West, of course, reciprocated, but instead of writing a song apologizing to Swift, he wrote a song about himself, titled "Runaway."

But what did you think of last night's performances? Did these VMAs hold up to the standard of pop culture scandal the VMAs tend to live up to?