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Ice Cream in Audio Junkie Episode: "Somehow the Sodomy Did Not Make the Final Cut"

Just 13 days ago, Ice Cream's Thomas Kennedy, Justin Anthony Rivers, Roy Neil Hunter, Joel Gutman, and Alex Lashley dumped us like an old girlfriend with herpes, released their new album Good (which is "really good"), and announced plans to flee Miami for New York City.

But before Thomas, Justin, Roy, Joel, and Alex could even pack their worldly possessions into pillow cases, something exceedingly strange happened. "Some men came to our warehouse and filmed us. Very nice men," the Ice Cream crew explains via Facebook. "Somehow the sodomy did not make it into the final cut."

Of course, these men are the sonically twisted fiends over at Audio Junkie, a self-described video "journal that captures a culture immersed and obsessed with audio." And the sodomy was (probably) a joke.

Either way, enjoy this (heavily censored?) document of Audio Junkie's (highly inappropriate?) interview session with Ice Cream.

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