Dead Prez Shakes Up Studio A


Dead Prez

June 15, 2007

Studio A

I caught a crazy Dead Prez show last night at Studio A before a lackluster crowd that almost seemed scared to sing along with the songs. Anyone that knows Dead Prez should be ready for a quasi-Black Panther experience whenever they come through town. And of course, there were some real RBG's on hand with Red Black and Green liberation flags and Power to the People mentalities, but a good portion of the crowd was just hella South Beach and not ready to handle how inflammatory Dead Prez is on stage. They'll cuss out George Bush and Barack Obama at the same time...and that threw some people but Dead Prez just calls it like they see it. It was good to see black and brown unity at the show however with Cubanos, Boriquas, Brown Berets and Rastas having a good time.

Random Note: Florida's own came out sporting a trim Mohawk, a studded belt, a simple white t-shirt and a pair of Chuck Taylor's on his feet and had a progressive punk rock vibe to him that was appreciated. M1 grabbed his nuts a lot and rapped like himself, not the guy that makes frequent appearances on Fox News--what's that about?

All in all, it was a good show. Real heads had a blast and fake fans looked lost and scared, but by the end of the set, everybody was flying off of the revolutionary energy floating through the club.

If you were at the show, let us know what you thought.

Found this RANDOM video on-line. Lovers of Grand Theft Auto and Dead Prez should enjoy it. --Jonathan Cunningham