Archive Diver: Ray Charles at Woody's on The Beach in 1988

Ron Wood is one of the world's most famous bass guitar players thanks to his tenure with the Rolling Stones. But did you know that back in the '80s he was part owner of a live music venue on Miami Beach called Woody's?

Well, it's true. Woody's Miami Beach was a live music venue, bar, and club located at 455 Ocean Drive on Miami Beach, and according to the ad we pulled for this week's Archive Diver, Ray Charles was booked for a show there way back on November 3, 1988.

Ray Charles is the famous blind musician who took a gospel singing background, applied it to making pop music, and changed the world.
By 1988 he was already a legend. It would have been cool to see him perform.

Here's the full ad for the show as it appeared in the November 2 - 8, 1988 issue of the Miami New Times.