Concert Announcements: Yonder Mountain String Band and State Radio

Alterna-rock band State Radio is on tour and has just announced a February 10 date at Culture Room. The Boston based band released their third album, Let it Go, at the end of September and continued their progression toward heavy guitar driven music and strong political views. The coolest thing about State Radio is the fact they actually follow up on their message, rather than just singing about it. They're becoming known for launching charity events and service projects in the wake of their tours and started Calling All Crows, which has garnered thousands of volunteers to "inspire public service and promote human rights." Tickets for the show go on sale November 20 through Ticketmaster.

Quite possibly the most talented and beloved bluegrass band currently play, The Yonder Mountain String Band, also just announced a February 12 date at Revolution Live. Hit the jump to hear what they're all about, or just pick up your tickets through Ticketmaster and enjoy some of the fasted banjo picking you'll ever hear.