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Snoop Dogg Lands NBC Sitcom, Starts Wearing Cosby Sweaters

Murder was the case in 1993. But Snoop Dogg walked away a free man and into the collective heart of American pop culture. Now 18 years later, he's trying to crip walk onto primetime television.

MTV News (via Deadline Hollywood) is reporting that NBC is working on Snoop's "family comedy project" with legendary comedy writer and producer Don Reo.

You know, the dude whose resume includes '90s gems like Blossom and The John Larroquette Show.

Historically, NBC has had a massive hard-on for sitcoms starring rappers. The network carried Will Smith's Fresh Prince of Bel-Air through six seasons, 148 episodes, and two Vivian Banks in the '90s.

Then LL Cool J's In the House premiered on NBC in '95 before disappearing into obscurity after it was moved to UPN.

And who can forget Sisqó's 2001 "show within a show," co-starring television icon Bob Newhart? Actually, we all can, because NBC pulled the show immediately after the pilot. But that likely won't happen with Snoop.

Unlike Sisqó, Snoop's mad talented. Dude's already appeared in a shit-ton of films -- and damn good ones. He smoked a fat J in Half Baked, played Mitch-a-palooza in Old School, and helped David Starsky and Ken Hutchinson capture Vince Vaughn in Starsky & Hutch. Oh, and not to mention the 31 other movies he's been in.

Snoop's already conquered music, pimp-slapped the box-office, and destroyed reality TV ratings on the E! network. We're totally psyched that NBC's throwing him a proper sitcom, and we can only speculate it'll replace Whitney after the network pulls the plug on that train wreck.

Catch you during Sweeps Week, Snoop.

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