Tamara Sky's New, Totally NSFW Playboy Pictorial and Video

It'd be so effing awesome to be Hugh Hefner, right? Well, maybe ... We here at Crossfade can't decide.

On the one hand, he's 168 years old. His spousal support bills have gotta be astronomical. And he just got married again! Plus, Grandpa Playboy is probably only popping 16 little blue pills per day 'cause he's got an under-the-table endorsement deal.

On the other hand, though, old Hef still has the power to suddenly snap out of his midafternoon nap, uncontrollably jabbering from a really hot dream, and demand that "International DJ and superbabe Tamara Sky (AKA Miss August 2007) be contacted immediately, done up, stripped down, and sent out to fulfill my perviest spy girl fantasies!"

Hence, Playboy's License to Thrill, a new special agent-obsessed pictorial and video masterminded by Artisans Agency, Last Rights Clothing, and the Overthrow. The project was styled by Aban Sonia with Todd Jameson of Nue Studio handling the hair and Sheryl Lawrence manning the makeup. The guy behind the camera was Jared Ryder. But above all, it starred Ms. Sky in all kinds of compromisingly dangerous positions.

She's bare-chested, cuddling with a semi-automatic rifle. Or straddling a Playboy chopper, a Ferrari, and an Everglades airboat. She's wielding a giant chrome chainsaw. She's nude-wrestling baby gators in the swamps. She's making body piles with six of her most naked lady friends.

But it's not all erotic action sequences. In an exclusive Playboy interview, Tamara also opens up about the ho-hum, everyday existence of a face-meltingly hot DJ-for-hire: "I got booked for a very private and secret party that took place in Las Vegas. I wasn't aware of exactly what was gonna go down, but I was told to expect anything. I was minding my business playing records when I realized it was an orgy party."

OK, our minds are made up. We don't wanna be Hef. We wanna be Tamara Sky.

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