In Memory of Jay Reatard and Teddy Pendergrass

Remember that retard guy with the moppy hair and flying-V guitar that was supposed to perform at Churchill's last January but didn't? You know? The guy from Memphis who called himself "Jay Reatard?" He died Wednesday, apparently in his sleep after complaining of flu-like symptoms. Isn't that the tits? Almost a year after he foregoes performing for us, the Sunshine Revenge takes him!

Well, to keep it professional, Reatard, aka Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr., was a powerhouse in the lo-fi garage punk scene (think Oblivians and a lot of stuff on Matador and/or Estrus Records) and will be sorely missed. Expect vinyl sales to go on the retarded side on Ebay. Memphis police to investigate. Check out his Wiki entry here.

Also, remember all those times your parents were in "the mood" and fronted you a couple of bucks to get you the fuck out of the house? And sure enough, as the door closed on your bum, there was that damn It's Time for Love album getting the needle dropped on it.... Well, expect the mournful sex to go up in dividends because, in case you missed it, R&B legend Teddy Pendergrass lost his fight with cancer the same day at the age of 59. Hit the jump, close your eyes and listen.