Around The World in 80 Decibels: A European Tour Diary from Otto von Schirach


to all my friends in the Bermuda Triangle, this is your boy, The

Notorious Nastie. I am very excited to announce that this special New

Times blog has been established to document the Otto von Schirach

Speakermelt Tour. We will be spreading the power of Bass to many

countries in Europe, on this planet Earth.

Otto and I arrive at our first city on the tour at 8 a.m., which

works out perfectly because Belgium really does have the best waffles. The

second stop on Bass Train Express is Paris. Otto keeps talking

about going down into the catacombs with DJ Urine and it scares me. 

Last time Otto was in Paris, we played an old underground bunker and

the show was ridiculous.  This time, along with Paris, we are playing

Strasbourg, which Otto describes as a "black, metal, medieval city with

rivers running through it and water traveling direct from the Bermuda

triangle." I asked him how are we getting to the first show and he

said unicorns bro, unicorns.

Fantasy transportation aside, Otto von Schirach and

I invite you to share in our musical inquisition

on this, the closest planet to the sun. Voyage with us to cities like

Berlin and Budapest, as we introduce the spirit of the triangle and the

audible power of the Ocho Ojos. We invite you to read about all the

amazing adventures, watch videos capturing the spirit of the fans, and

photos that encapsulate the essence of the tour. I implore you my

honeys and hoods, to pack a bag in your mind and travel far, far from

the Bermuda Triangle to alien lands, as we go on tour with Otto Von


Your boy,

The Notorious Nastie

 Join us soon for our next installment. For full tour lineup visit