Vincente Fernandez Dons His Charro Gear at the American Airlines Arena This Sunday

If there's one thing Mexicans absolutely love, it's their music. And particularly the ranchera variety. Okay, sure -- you stereotyping sons of bitches --they like their tequila too. And burritos. But more than any of that, they love their ranchera. And the pinnacle, without question, is Vicente Fernandez.

A troubadour in the classic fashion, honoring age-old traditions and harkening back to more romantic times, he takes the stage bedecked in charro gear (the big sombrero and ornately embroidered suit) to belt out tunes in his epic voice.

Fernandez represents all things heroic and worth holding onto in Mexican music, which is a good reason for his seemingly endless success.

The 70 year old's career has been a storied one, starting in 1968 with La Voz Que Usted Esperaba (The Voice You Expected) and continuing through today. The man they call El Rey has sold some 50 million copies of his more than 50 albums, garnered every award and accolade the Latin music world has to offer, and consistently packed stadiums and arenas. And he's bringing that legendary voice to the stage yet again in Miami this week

Sunday, October 10, at American Airlines Arena, 601 Biscayne Blvd., Miami. Doors open at 7 p.m. and tickets cost $62.65 to $222.