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Conjunto Progreso, Providing Xmas Cubaneo This Friday

Bueno mi gente, Noche Buena is upon us (or those of us who observe it). If you're like my family, there's either a large dead pork already chilling on your kitchen table right now, spread eagle on a tartara (large metal sheet pan), or there will be before the day's out. You'll be juicing that bad boy up with some quality mojo...mmm...garlic and salt and naranja agria (bitter orange) and cumin and oregano. Makes the mouth water. It'll soak up all the juices and tomorrow, into the Caja China baby!

Clearly, it's a time to spend with family, friends and loved ones, cherishing the important things in life. But once you're sick and tired of those crazy asses (you know, after tomorrow's grubbin' is done, and you've opened your gifts the following day), Transit Lounge has got you sorted out with continued cubaneo, minus your tio making people uncomfortable with off-color jokes. It all goes down Christmas night, thanks to Conjunto Progreso. And if you've had your fill of cubaneo by then, Bachaco will also be on hand to rock that signature reggae vibe.

Conjunto Progreso and Bachaco perform at Transit Lounge (729 SW 1 Ave) on Friday, December 25. No cover.