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ANR Push Back the U.S. Release of Stay Kids for the Second Time

Over here at Crossfade, we have a soft spot for local band releases. So when ANR told us they were pushing the release of Stay Kids back from October to November, we were a little sad. But we waited, somewhat patiently. Now November's come and still no release. What gives, guys?

Well, we poked and prodded and we've confirmed that ANR has released Stay Kids digitally in the UK via the Something In Construction label, promoting it with the band's first performances across the pond. The new U.S. release date: February/March 2011. Pffft.

The good news? ANR is keeping busy with remixes. Lots and lots of remixes. For one, check a club remix of "Endless Fields of Mercury" below. Yes, you read right: A club remix.

Now we weren't really sure how ANR's smooth, synthy two-man sounds would translate to a night out at the club. But it works. It's more of a mellowed down, end-of-a-night-of-partying anthem. We wouldn't be surprised if we heard it blaring during WMC, though. Has the band managed to find a way to sneak into speakers at all the South Beach hot spots? We sure hope so.

Other remixes on the docket include stuff for Matt & Kim, MillionYoung, Rachel Goodrich, and Sleigh Bells. Ooooh. 

Stream: ANR "The Endless Fields of Mercury" (Club Mix)

And in case you fancy yourself a pint, a peek at the Tower Bridge and some Union Jacks, you can check them out in London on November 24 at XOYO with MNDR and A Place to Bury Strangers, or on December 1 at the Lexington in London with the Concretes.