Five Worst Things About Clubbing in Miami

Welcome to Miami, where anything and everything becomes an excuse to party.

We 305ers are creatures of the night by nature. There's no denying it. Any day of the week, no matter what time, something is popping off in this beautiful city of ours. That's why people from all over the world come dance at our nightclubs and get drunk on our beaches.

So why is it that native Miamians often end up wishing they'd just stayed home watching Netflix and eating pizza? 

Here are the five worst things about going out in Miami.

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Getting Around

It's no secret that Miami's public transportation (and cab situation) sucks. Big time. That's why we always need a designated driver. And driving your drunken friends from spot to spot isn't anyone's idea of a fun night. Not to mention that, even without traffic, it takes at least 20 minutes to get anywhere in Miami. Oh, you're bar hopping in Coconut Grove and your friends just hit you up about some party in South Beach? Ready for a road trip?

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