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Rebel and DJ Mig Lauderdale @ 1921 on Friday, April 16

Miami avant rockers Rebel will play the first of two nights in Fort Lauderdale at 1921 (at 1921 S. Federal Highway), one of our favorite local underground venues. The bold DJ Mig Lauderdale

will also be on hand for the gig, which is Friday, April 16. As the flyer says, admission is free before 11 p.m.

As our writer Courtney Hambright describes, 1921 is "tucked into an infrequently trafficked South Lauderdale neighborhood,

it's entered through a back door, decorated like an opium den, and

decked out with a large stage to showcase a full-sized band."

Rebel's second concert of the weekend takes place at Squeeze (2 S. New River Drive West, Fort Lauderdale) as the latest Squeeze Saturday event.