Reader Mail: No One Is Worse Than Jeffrey Loria

Scorpion Medicine

Little Havana wisdom: After reading your piece about how Cuba might be zeroing in on an important cancer cure from a native scorpion ("Timely Toxin," Jean Friedman-Rudovsky, April 18), I have to ask: Didn't you get the memo? Nothing positive can happen in Cuba as long as Castro is in power. Richard Advocat

Didn't work for Hugo: This scorpion venom sure did work wonders on Hugo Chávez. He is dead. Jean N. Bermudez

Found in Nicaragua

Better excuses: Kudos on tracking down the missing witness in former Rep. David Rivera's federal case ("Hide-and-Seek," Francisco Alvarado, April 18). Now we should all cut to the chase, because we know how this will turn out: Ana Alliegro will cut a deal with prosecutors before or during the trial. But after hiding for months and having all sorts of time to come up with something better, Ana's lack of imagination in crafting her defense is alarming. As a fellow Cuban, I am ashamed that her denying having anything to do with Rivera's schemes and claiming she fell off a horse and lost her memory is the best she can do. Vjrg

Birds of a feather: Why would anyone believe this sleazy, scheming scammer? She is about as truthful and ethical as David Rivera and Marco Rubio. They're all birds of a feather, and they're all Miami political scum. Let them all immigrate to Nicaragua, never to return. dantevida

Believable story: No, of course she's innocent. Hightailing it to Nicaragua and changing your name is something anyone would do. jaimito

The old horse defense: Alliegro says she'll answer whatever questions the FBI has for her. Of course she will! Her response will simply be, "I don't remember — I fell off a horse." This lady is no dummy. She has been working below the radar in Florida for years. trishthedish

In the Weeds

Big Pharma hates pot: Preach, Uncle Luke! He knows what's up with lawmakers blowing it on marijuana reform in Florida ("Smoke Pot Now!" Luther Campbell, April 18). The problem is that both the pharmaceutical and private prison industries buy too many dinners in Tallahassee, and each of the "illegal indoor growers" around Florida gets only a single vote. ibybfiygmh

Legalize it now: Prohibition has finally run its course. Our prisons are full, our economy is in ruins, and the lives and livelihoods of tens of millions of Americans have been destroyed or severely disrupted. What was once a shining beacon of liberty and prosperity has become a toxic, repressive, smoldering heap of hypocrisy and a gross affront to fundamental human decency. malcolmkyle16

Overdose Overload

Ban it: Considering that two dozen partiers were sent to the hospital and at least one died from a drug overdose ("Ultra ODs," Michael E. Miller, April 18), it's time to ban Ultra for good. It promotes heavy drug use by minors and interferes with thousands of businesses and residents in downtown Miami. Nothing positive comes of it. Andre Armando

Put down that molly: People are so quick to destroy themselves with drugs, and why? Pick up a book, visit a local hospital with kids who have cancer, or go to a temple or something. Learn to value life. Love yourself. Danny Diaz

Marlins' Owners' Match

McCourt belongs: Any list of the worst owners in sports history ("Worse Than Loria," Ryan Yousefi, April 18) is not complete until it mentions former Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt. He and his wife used the team's bank accounts as their personal checkbook and leveraged the Dodgers into bankruptcy. He was taking loans from MLB partners to make payroll. I'm not saying he is worse than Loria, but he definitely belongs on the list. utazdevl

Team thief: As bad as he is, Loria is not even the worst owner the Marlins have ever had. The 2012 Marlins were 69-93. The 1997 Marlins were world champions. Wayne Huizenga managed to out-Loria even Loria in that respect. But talk to any Baltimorian born before 1980, and they'll tell you the worst owner in sports history is none other than Robert Irsay. We're talking about a man who literally stole away the Baltimore Colts in the middle of the night. Tommy Carcetti

Loria is still the worst: This is a good list, but I refuse to accept that anybody is worse than Loria. None of those listed left a trail of destruction in two cities (not to mention two countries) the way Loria has in Montreal and Miami. And as far as Harry Frazee goes, maybe Miguel Cabrera is no Babe Ruth, but he did just win the first Triple Crown in 45 years (something the Bambino never did), so that's not insignificant. I still proclaim Jeffrey Loria the worst professional sports owner in history. FatHand